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A Letter From Carol Tyler

As I start my third term of office as Northern Director of NJCACOA I feel we have many areas we can work to improve. First and most important I hope to increase our membership. Membership in our association is a professional necessity. By choosing to be an Animal Control Officer you have taken on the responsibly of representing one or several communities. It is essential for you to be up-to-date on all aspects of our profession. I feel an important tool to this goal is attending interesting and educational training opportunities. We as an association provide these opportunities. We need our members to take the time to attend theses meetings and educational opportunities.

We know that through our association we promote the type of friendship and camaraderie that allows each member to feel comfortable with their fellow members. To be able to rely on each other in times of disaster or animal related emergencies. I would like to work with our members to prepare for the “new normal” of weather related emergencies. I feel that if we all share ideas we could be very prepared for what faces us in the coming year. If we support each other, we support our profession.

I would like to see more positive press release showing the exemplary services we all provide throughout the State. I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions for meeting topics, or any feedback that can help improve our association. It is important for all members to get involve, be heard, and represent our profession in a very positive manner.

Finally, I would like to see all Animal Control Officers working on their relationships with their Borough Officials, through a positive working relationship within the Municipalities you serve we can achieve many outstanding goals.


Post Office Box 174
Pennington, NJ 08534