2024 Membership
Renewal is Here!

Another year has passed, we hope it was a great year for you all! We are excited to share with members upcoming meetings, statutory changes, and discussions about animal control and welfare within our state.

NJCACOA was created with the purpose of being able to share knowledge with fellow ACOs and to support one another through the difficulties we face daily as Animal Control Officers.

2024 will be our best year yet as the public's knowledge of our profession continues to grow. We hope to continue to navigate this ever-changing profession together so please share this with ACOs in your area so they may become members too!

We  would also like to introduce our new board members: Christine Buck, Southern Regional Director; Michele Shiber, Northern Regional Director; and welcome back our existing board members: Belinda Ogitis, Treasurer; Anthony Lena, Central Regional Director; Kelly Luckey, Vice President; Lisa Perry, President.

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REGULAR MEMBER - A New Jersey Certified Animal Control Officer presently employed as an Animal Control Officer but not less than one (1) year. Dues every year is $50.00.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER - Any person who has obtained a New Jersey State Animal Control Officer Certification but is not employed as an Animal Control Officer. Dues every year is $25.00.

CORPORATE SPONSOR - Any business that would like to support the association in education of animal welfare and in the prevention of neglect and cruelty. Dues every year is $100.00.

LIFETIME MEMBER - To view the NJCACOA "Lifetime Members" page, click HERE.


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Email: info@njcacoa.org