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The Central Region is made up of five counties: Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer, and Burlington County

I've developed long lasting friendships with others that understand what I do and why I do it. It wasn't until I was elected Central Regional Director that I realized just how much this group of volunteers do for animal control officers by demonstrating and promoting professionalism across the State. A few short years ago this was just a job to many. Through the efforts of the New Jersey Certified Animal Control Officers Association these jobs have become careers.

The NJCACOA has been campaigning for years to promote new legislation along with the newest training that is available. I urge all Animal Control Officers, to join the association, attend meetings, training courses, the networking with other Animal control Officer’s is priceless!

I along with the Board will be providing numerous behind the scene hours, meeting with State and Local officials to promote animal welfare for animals. New Legislation’s has been passed which the board will be proactively looking into, making sure Animal Control Officers are recognized in New Jersey!

Please don’t hesitate to attend meetings; we will prosper as a united group, which will make the transition for future Animal Control Officer’s that much Better!

“It’s not what your Association can do for you”
“It’s what you can do for your Association”

Professionally yours,
Anthony Lena
Central Regional Director
732-536-0100 ex 1401


Post Office Box 174
Pennington, NJ 08534


Email: info@njcacoa.org