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Kelly Karch
260 East Bay Avenue
Manahawkin, NJ 08050
(609) 597-1000 x8525
The Central Region is made up of five counties: Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer, and Burlington County

A Letter From Kelly Karch

I first learned about the Animal Control Profession while completing my ungraduated degree. I had taken the Animal Control course as one of my required electives my second year of college; at that time I had no knowledge of what Animal Control was. I became instantly interested in the field. After learning about the state laws and hearing other working Animal Control Officers speak at the course I decided to enroll in the CDI Animal Cruelty Investigation course. It was at that course I was introduced to Michael Melchionne the Animal Control Chief of Stafford Township and it was then that I started my career in Animal Control. I quickly realized how much is involved with this profession, how much dedication is required of each individual working in this profession and how underrated it is. Luckily I had an amazing supervisor and coworkers that I was able to learn from and who have the utmost respect and pride for this profession. They enrolled me in the Animal Control Association where I met other officers that had dedicated their lives to this profession also, and would pick up the phone if you had a question or needed advice, or maybe just needed to vent.

Ten years later I am still employed with the Township of Stafford. I love this profession, I take immense pride in it, and even on the worse of Days I give 110% because I know that what we do doesn’t only affect us, but it affects the animals, it affects the public, and others that are involved in that one particular call.

My goal is to make sure that both current and potentially future animal control officers and most importantly the public is educated on what it is we do day in and day out. That working animal control officers always act professionally, and are continually receiving education and training, as well as on and off the job support. The association is the driving force behind Animal Control in the state of New Jersey, my involvement as Central Regional Director will allow me to ensure that my fellow Officers are getting the right advice when they need it, and the continued education that will help guide them through new state statues, emergency situations, and the animal (both domestic and wild) issues we face throughout new jersey. As an association we can face the most difficult of issues and overcome them as long as we are prepared, have the right tools, and the right the people to reach out to. 


Post Office Box 174
Pennington, NJ 08534